A Home that is Worth the Money: Tips to Consider to Choose the Right Among Multiple Rental Options

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To hunt for the perfect accommodation for your family is one of the most challenging tasks in an unknown city. There can be various reasons for not finding a perfect room. Also, the Covid-19 has made it even worse to visit a place in person and be assured regarding the accommodation of your dreams.

Facing problems in a new city is usual. But, thanks to the digital age we live in! It has made the job of hunting home a little easier. There are many trusted websites and mobile applications that can help you find a living space at the desired location with quality facilities. 


Renting accommodation can be a bit overwhelming. A first-time renter might get off-track while exploring the various types of modern dwellings. Below is the checklist of the key-points a first-time renter must always keep in mind:

  • Know the best time to rent an apartment

The studies based on the traits of rental property prove that renters can save a significant amount of money by choosing the right month for renting an apartment.

According to the conclusion of the studies done by RentHop (an apartment listing site), the cheapest months to rent an apartment are from December to March. Whereas the expensive months are from May to October.

  • Set a budget

For a first-time renter, it can be difficult to make a correct estimate of a rental property. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, you must not spend more than 20% to 30% of your gross income on rent. A rent calculator can prove to be helpful for first-time renters to set a budget.

  • Choose your neighborhood wisely

While choosing your neighborhood be aware of the locality you prefer. Due to a low budget do not choose a deserted apartment. It can be very risky. 

  • Think about the amenities

As you will be renting an apartment for the first time, it's hard to bluff you. Therefore, prioritize your amenities such as:

· Is the apartment close to your workplace or the children's school?

· Is the apartment close to the grocery stores, medical shops, hospitals, etc?

  • Proximity to the public transport

When you rent a home, the largest share of your monthly income is spent on the rent and the second-largest share is taken by public transport. If you choose a rental property that is far away from your school or college or office, chances are that your transportation cost rises above the limits. Prefer a location that is well versed with public transportation and is the closest to your destination. 

  • Spot rental scams

Nowadays, it is easier to look out for an apartment on property rental portals, or via agents. They can make things complicated if you trust them easily. Take only verified listings of the apartments into consideration. For being on the safe side explore more about the trust-worthiness of the rental portal or the agent. Also, visit the apartment twice or thrice in person to assure things.

After having a clear mind and set priorities choose the best suitable house for rent in Udaipur at the best prices. 


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