Know the Best Suitable Accommodation for Yourself: A Hostel or a Paying Guest

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As a child, we all have dreams in our eyes. Some of us want to have a high academic career with a white collared job and the rest of us want to explore the business opportunities offered by the bigger cities or some of us just want to discover the world. To make the dreams come true one has to relocate from the hometown. Leaving the hometown implies leaving the comfort zone.

The first and foremost question that arises before moving to a new city is, “Where would I stay?”. To provide solutions to accommodations, hostels and paying guests were designed. Why is a different term used to denote these dwellings when they both are resolved for the same purpose? Let’s ponder deeply, to know the best suitable for you.

What are hostels?

The idea of hostels began in Germany, 1900. Hostels are budget-friendly shared accommodations. It is a shared social experience among individuals. People who choose to live in the hostel are provided with bunks and have access to shared washrooms and communal spaces. In a nutshell, "With a hostel, you get to pay half the price for twice the fun.” 


What are the different types of hostels?

Many of us live with a predefined notion that a hostel is a place developed, and designed only for the students. This is not 100% true! 

Here are the various types of hostels to provide accommodation for each one of us:


  • Historic hostels 

The historic hostels are the ideal spaces to experience the local history. These hostels once served as castles, monasteries, convents, or jails. These are perfect for history buffs.


  • Family hostels

The family hostels are designed to offer special amenities such as large rooms, game zones, and other facilities to meet all the requirements of a family. These homely hostels are a great way to skip the daily routine.


  • Eco hostels

The eco-hostels are environment-friendly. Travel makes an enormous impact on local, and global resources. These hostels are based on the sustainable use of resources. They also host eco-living workshops. These are suitable for environmentally conscious travelers.


  • Party hostels

The party hostels welcome young guests. They feature bars, nightclubs, and music without curfew with a lively environment. These are well-suited to fun-loving characters.


  • Cheap hostels

The cheap hostels are shared accommodations for travelers who love dwellings with rock bottom prices. The key-highlights of these hostels are the cost of the services they offer. They provide basic facilities. These are usually preferred by wanderers.

What are the facilities provided in the hostel?

Hostels are scattered all over the world. These fun spaces have the following facilities:

  • Breakfast, lunch, evening tea with snacks, and dinner

  • Quality atmosphere to study

  • A book-shelf, study table, and chair 

  • Single or twin bedded AC and non-AC rooms


On the other hand, a paying guest house facility differs from a hotel in many ways. 


What is a PG?

A paying guest offers more private space to an individual. It is usually a furnished accommodation with facilities that usually depend on the owners. This happens as the PG are functioned by individuals who rent out their homes as rental spaces. In short, a PG is a portion separated from the landlord's house to be used as a rental space by a guest. 


What are the facilities offered by a paying guest?

A PG is usually a furnished accommodation including facilities such as:

  • Separate entrance

  • Separate washroom

  • Meal facilities (depending upon the owner)

  • Laundry facility

  • A bed, cupboard, study table, etc.

Whether choosing a hostel or paying guest accommodation, they offer several opportunities and a chance to meet people of different age groups from around the world. With this piece of information choose the best hostel in Udaipur or a PG accommodation in Udaipur.

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