The Checklist Before Finalizing Your PG: The Important Things You Need to Know

PG in udaipur

The term PG is an abbreviation of paying guests. It is an accommodation facility usually provided to individuals looking for affordable rental options. The paying guest accommodation is generally a separate portion in the house of the landlord which he or she chooses to give on rent. 


The owner of the house may or may not live in the house and if the landlord is generous enough it provides basic amenities such as food, laundry, utilities, and other amenities for a fixed fee. Living in a shared accommodation always involves some concerns regarding privacy and other facilities. 


Before moving to a PG consider the points below:

  • Availability of food

There are certainly some paying guest accommodations that also offer food service (which you need to pay for). You must need to know the menu beforehand and the meal timings. Make sure the menu is vegetarian or non-vegetarian or both if you are particular about your diet. You can discuss the hygiene and the cleanliness of the kitchen. 

  • Housekeeping 

You can insist on the daily housekeeping services. Most of the paying guest facility in Udaipur offer their housekeeping services daily. 

  • Entry timings

To ensure the security of the young boys and girls residing in a PG, the owners always set a fixed entry and exit timing. It is important to maintain the discipline of the shared rental. You will not be allowed to leave or enter the PG before and after the set entry timing. 

  • Washroom

Usually, a paying guest accommodation offers a furnished private space for living. There is no involvement of any other person. Some PGs also offer shared accommodations based on the tenant's choice. If you have opted for twin-sharing PG there are chances that you might have to share the washroom. 

  • Agreement

To finalize the tenant, the PG owners always ask for a fixed deposit depending on the accommodation facilities you choose. This ensures both the parties. Before signing up for the agreement, it is always advisable to read it carefully. 

  • Transportation

Living in a PG means staying on your and maintaining life all by yourself. You need to be self-dependent and be capable of handling any situation. Choose a PG near your college, or office to keep the transportation cost minimal. It would be great to choose a paying guest house near a secure and well-transported area. 

  • Pets

If you own a pet and would like to move in with it, that might be a serious issue. Most PG owners do not allow pets. If you love your pet too much, convenience your owner. 

Facilities provided in a PG

These rental accommodations can be rented on a single or sharing basis. PGs are like home in a new city. They provide multiple facilities that give you a homely environment. A few of the facilities provided by PGs are listed below:

· Bed


· Geyser

· Cupboard

· Study room

· Study table

· Television

· Food service

· Laundry service

· RO water system

· Separate washroom

After moving to a PG, you will experience a whole new life. Good luck!


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