Types Of Houses: Develop A Better Understanding Of Modern Dwellings

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Early man too used temporary shelters, or caves as living quarters. The permanent houses were first built by the farmers around 11,000 years ago. Since, then houses have evolved in their shape, size, patterns, and styles according to human requirements.


What is a house?

A house serves as a shelter where one can live with the utmost comfort and convenience. It is a representation of safety, comfort, and convenience. 

What are the configurations of a house?

With the modern advancements in technology today, houses are not just an assembly of bricks. They are more than one’s imagination. It is important to understand the root classification of houses to fulfill one's requirements. The two major parameters of classification are:

  • The structure type- Tells us about the type of house. Whether it is an apartment, detached house, etc.

  • The style of the house- Tells us about the architectural features and design of the house.

Let's have a look at the various configurations of house for rent in Udaipur for a better understanding.

  • Apartments

These are the most common dwelling these days. Apartments have a collection of similar units in one building. These offer less privacy. The maintenance in the apartment is usually seen by the owners so, they have fewer maintenance costs. These are appropriate for the people looking for a property on rent.

  • Townhouses

These are also known as townhomes. These dwellings have at least one wall shared with the neighboring unit. These have separate entrance doors. Townhouses are ideal for populated cities and make maximum use of vertical space. These are suitable for individuals looking for affordable properties.

  • Single-Family Houses

These houses are completely detached from neighboring housing units. Hence, are also known as detached houses. These are available in less populated areas and are mainly found in suburbs. Detached houses offer more privacy, and are mostly preferred by nuclear families.

  • Contemporary Houses

Contemporary houses are the houses available with the latest trends, and amenities. These are not modern houses. These are generally eco-friendly and have clean lines with natural textures. The contemporary houses are pleasing to the eyes as they have neutral interiors. These are suitable for modernist style lovers.

What are the points to consider before renting a house?

Renting a property has its own merits. It gives the flexibility to relocate if the house does not meet the expectations as hoped. However, one needs to be very clear about some tricky points before renting a house. Let's discuss them one by one:

  • A good bargain price

According to the Vice-Chairman of ANAROCK Property Consultants, "A tenant must not spend more than 25%-30% of the household income on the rent." As rightly said, apart from the rent, there are water, electricity, and maintenance bills that also need to be paid by the tenant.

Therefore, going with the calculations, one needs to sift through properties, and choose the rental property that falls into the budget in the preferred locality.

  • Accessibility factor

While hunting for a good rental house, one must nail the accessibility factor. Once the budget is finalized, select the house on rent which is based on either the proximity to your workplace or children's school. The new rental house must be located near the market that maintains the life-balances during urgent needs. This also saves a few additional transportation costs.

  • Thorough research

There are several rental property portals, social media platforms, classifieds, and agents that can help you search, and shortlist your rental house. Explore each option available according to your budget. If possible visit the property before finalizing it.

  • Hidden costs of the property

Be aware of the hidden rental charges. In few housing societies, there are additional charges including access to the gym facilities, club, CCTV camera, playground, etc. Make sure to know about these charges before renting the house.

A house is a place where one multiples happiness and divides sorrows with loved ones. Choose your next house for rent in Udaipur wisely. 


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