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Fiber Body Cooler(16 Inch)

Actual Rent : ₹1500/1 Month
Discount : 0%
Total Saving : ₹0
Deposit : ₹1200

Actual Rent : ₹3000/2 Month
Discount : 0%
Total Saving : ₹0
Deposit : ₹1000

Actual Rent : ₹4500/3 Months
Discount : 20%
Total Saving : ₹900
Deposit : ₹800
Delivery Charges : ₹0

Actual Rent : ₹6000/4 Months
Discount : 30%
Total Saving : ₹1800
Deposit : ₹800
Delivery Charges : ₹0
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Wooden Cooler(12 Inch)

Actual Rent : ₹750/1 Month
Discount : 0%
Total Saving : ₹0
Deposit : ₹1000

Actual Rent : ₹1500/2 Months
Discount : 0%
Total Saving : ₹0
Deposit : ₹1000
Delivery Charges : ₹0

Actual Rent : ₹2250/3 Months
Discount : 0%
Total Saving : ₹0
Deposit : ₹500
Delivery Charges : ₹0

Actual Rent : ₹3000/4 Months
Discount : 15%
Total Saving : ₹450
Deposit : ₹500
Delivery Charges : ₹0

Rentie Cooler Rental

Hi! We’re Rentie, an online solution for your cooler on rent needs.

With the approaching summer season, it's time for us to pack our winter wardrobe and get well prepared to face the hot summers of Rajasthan. To escape the scorching heat, the best way is to bring home an air cooler that offers cool temperatures at every corner of the room. A new brand water cooler might prove to be expensive for some of us. The best alternative to prevent you from melting down during these summers is to book an air cooler for rent for a day or a month or more than that according to your preference.

At Rentie, we understand that shopping for a luxurious water cooler for few months is not the best investment option. Hence, we decided to come up with an easier solution instead by offering cooler on rent near you at pocket-friendly prices. With our assured quality and prompt services, you can say goodbye to all the hassles that come with buying and say hello to the water cooler on rent to experience the cool breeze when it's hot outside.

Why buy cooler on rent at Rentie?

Rentie Rental is a top-rated Udaipur's rental brand. When you purchase a Cooler from a store, you spend a great deal of money. You can explore the world of possibilities with us and, get a room cooler on rent for a fraction of the retail price.

Get Comfortable Cooler on Rent in Udaipur from Rentie

Our inventory includes a fiber body cooler and a wooden cooler made by the most reputable brands in the market. Every product undergoes strict quality control checks and is in mint condition.

Wooden Air Coolers

These room coolers offer a better look as compared to their counterparts. These are rust-free and need low-maintenance.

Fiber-body Air Coolers

The wooden coolers are among the popular categories of air coolers as these offer conditioning of the compressed air with benefits. Firstly, these efficiently remove the moisture condensed during the cooling process. Secondly, these reduce the room temperature of the air to a safe operating range.

Why get cooler on rent from Rentie?

When you sign up for any plan, you receive many benefits from us such as free delivery, and free maintenance. You can rent a cooler near you from us online in a matter of minutes. As soon as we receive your order, we will deliver it to your location in Udaipur. We offer fast, free delivery all over the Udaipur.

Affordable Cooler on Rent in Udaipur

We offer trendy essential Coolers on rent for your home or your office.
We Provide Exciting Benefits To Our Customers In Udaipur
Rentie does more than just save you money. We offer many added benefits to make your rental experience enjoyable.
Delivery and installation: We will deliver your item anywhere in Udaipur, and also install it for you.
Reliable service: Renting from us in Udaipur is very simple. You can place an order from your smartphone or laptop in a matter of minutes. You can expect speedy, doorstep delivery.

Our Promises

Quality and your satisfaction are at the very core of our service.

Refundable security deposit

We charge a nominal security deposit which is completely refundable. So, once your contract is complete and the damages verified, you get 100% of your money back.

As good as new

With strict quality measures in place, we are committed to providing you products that are as good as new. We refurbish all our products with utmost care to truly enhance your rental experience.

Quick Responses

Be it assisting you with orders and delivery or ensuring timely refunds and payments, our team is here to help you every step of the way. Just give us a shout out and we’ll respond in a jiffy.

Fewer documents required

With only a few simple documents and publicly available details, your profile can be verified. Compared to loans, our documentation process is simpler, faster and hassle-free.

Free maintenance

We put our best foot forward to maintain your products. Replacement or repair, we do it all!

Pay less, use more

The longer you rent for, the lesser you pay. Our pricing is fair and offers you the maximum savings. As tenure increases, so do your savings.

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