We donate food to the poor and needy as per your request. Donate Now!

Feeding poor people to fight hunger due to coronavirus. Feed Now!

Giving is better than receiving. Give food to the poor with Rentie.

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Donate food to the poor with Rentie

Interested in Donating Food in Udaipur?

Have you ever thought why daily we all do so much hard work to earn money? of course for living. And for living one of the most basic need is FOOD.

To get the daily bread one can even commit a crime. In simple words, we can say FOOD=LIFE. That's what Rentie does, contributing a little to save one's life.

Rentie began as an initiative to make food available to poor people. The easiest thing you can do is pay for a meal/food on Rentie. We donate meals/food to poor, homeless people, orphanages, or in a particular hospital as per your request. Rentie prepares the meals, packed with full of hygiene. Rentie volunteers will then distribute the prepared fresh meals to the needy.

Our vision is to bring more transparency to donations so that we provide an opportunity for every person to give back to society confidently.

Donate food to poor people to fight hunger due to coronavirus.

We are in the middle of a humanitarian crisis India will never forget. Rentie is providing food to hundreds of poor people in Udaipur who fight hunger due to nationwide lockdown. You can make a difference by contributing a little to give one time freshly cooked food to the poor people. Join us in helping them survive this crisis. Donate now.

Save lives by giving food to the poor people.

“Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.”

If you wish to serve food at any location in Udaipur, Rajasthan, just WhatsApp your name to the coordinator of the Rentie and Tell as the number of food packets you want to donate/distribute, you will start receiving updates a day before the distribution. Call 7878499473 or 7230098792.

Donate food online is now easy with the help of Rentie.

Pay by Paytm, Phone pay, Or Google Pay.

Gentle Request! While doing Paytm, Google Pay, or Phone Pay. please send us a screenshot on our Whatsapp No +917878499473. You may also call on this food donation number for other inquiries.

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